Statement of Rental Policy

Welcome to Arbor Glen Apartments! All persons are free, at any time, to apply for residency. However, in order to reside in our community, and in the interest of Fair Housing, we require that all Applicants, Co-signers and Guarantors meet all of our rental criteria. Before you fill out our Rental Application, you must review, sign and date the following criteria. Before you complete our Application and formally apply for tenancy, please take a few moments to review, sign and date this Statement of Rental Policy. Please note that the term “Applicant” provided below applies to all Residents to be identified on the Residential Lease, Co-signers and Guarantors of the Lease.

Nothing contained in these criteria shall constitute a guarantee or representation by Arbor Glen Apartments prior to these criteria going into effect. Our ability to verify whether these criteria have been met is limited to the information we receive from the resident credit reporting service used. If all applicants do not meet all criteria, an application will not be approved.

All applications are subject to final approval by Great Lakes Management Company, as the Management Agent for Arbor Glen Apartments, based on the following criteria:

  1. Application Requirements
    Applicant(s) must be a minimum of eighteen (18) years of age and have a government-issued photo ID. Your application must be filled out completely and accurately. An incomplete application may be rejected or not processed. Any misstatements or omissions made on your application, whether or not discovered before you move into the community, is grounds for denial of an application or termination of existing lease. Information must be legible and verifiable. If information given on the application cannot be checked out and verified, this is a reason for rejection. Omission of information, such as an address or employer, may be grounds for rejection.
  2. Occupancy guidelines:
         Type of Apartment: All Apartments - MAXIMUM NUMBER OF OCCUPANTS: 2 persons per bedroom
  3. Deposit, Application Fees and Non-Refundable Lease Processing Fee
    An application must be completed when placing a deposit on an apartment home. A $400 “Pre-Lease Deposit” is required with the application to hold an apartment home throughout the approval process.

    Additionally, a $50.00 non-refundable Application Fee is required for processing. If you have lived out of state in the past 12 months, the application fee is $65.00. The Pre-Lease Deposit and Application Fee(s) must be paid in two (2) separate checks or money orders, or in two (2) separate transactions if paying through PayLease, Arbor Glen’s on-line payment vendor. Arbor Glen will retain the Pre-Lease Deposit should Applicant desire to cancel this application, or otherwise fail to sign a lease and pay any funds required to move into the unit and take possession of the unit. The Pre-Lease Deposit will be returned if the application is denied. If an application is rejected for any reason other than one listed on this Statement of Rental Policy, the Applicant is entitled to the return of the Application Fee within one (1) business day.
    Please choose one of the following options of return:

    Upon approval of the application, an additional $100.00 non-refundable lease processing fee is owed in addition to any other additional deposits or funds that may be required before the move-in date. Upon approval, the Pre-Lease Deposit is applied to any security deposit required under the lease. The $100.00 non-refundable lease processing fee is a separate administrative fee required for the processing and set-up of each lease file. It is due before the move-in date along with the balance of any security deposit and rent.
  4. Income History
    Verifiable gross income of at least two and one-half (2 1⁄2) times the amount of the market rental amount is required. To be counted as income, amounts must be verifiable, reliable, and predictable. Current students or recent graduates must provide proof of enrollment or graduation. Self-employed Applicants must provide a financial statement from a CPA or previous year’s tax return. Applicants that do not meet the income requirements may have a Co-signer apply on their behalf. A student ID will be required from all persons claiming “student” status. International students are required to produce a current I-20 and/or IAP-66 form from the school they are attending. International students with “internship” status must produce an Employment Authorization Document. Green Card Holders must produce a copy of their Permanent Resident Card. All approved International Applicants will be offered a lease length corresponding with the expiration date(s) of documentation required. Residential Leases may be extended as updated documentation is provided to Arbor Glen with management approval.
  5. Residential History
    Applicants must have a positive housing history. We require the name and last known telephone number of each landlord/property, manager/mortgage or Contract for Deed payee for each address you have had for the last three years. Roommate references are not acceptable. A positive housing history is one of the most important things considered in our application screening. The refusal of a prior landlord or housing provider to give a reference, or a negative reference, may be grounds for rejection. First-time renters may have a Co-signer providing that he or she meets all other rental criteria listed herein. An application will not be approved if there is an outstanding balance due to an apartment community or mortgage company. Should an Applicant have a balance or failed to fulfill a lease agreement, including utility responsibilities, with prior housing, the Applicant will need to provide a written statement from the rental, management, or mortgage company that the balance has been paid in full. An Unlawful Detainer or eviction prior to the last three years may additionally be reason for denial of an application.
  6. Credit
    A positive credit history is required. An adverse bank or credit reference, high debt, past due or dishonored debt, or items in collection may be grounds for rejection. Any unpaid housing debt or utilities is a ground for rejection unless there is a written payment arrangement. Any bankruptcy action must be fully closed and discharged.
  7. Criminal-Public Record Background Check
    A criminal-public record background check will be conducted and must be able to be completed on each Applicant. We reserve the right to reject an Applicant who has an incomplete background check or who has a criminal-public record history including, but not limited to, pending charges and/or convictions for offenses against person or property, drugs or controlled substances, weapons, disturbing the peace, theft, prostitution, and any felonies, gross misdemeanors and misdemeanors involving violence.
  8. Business Relationship
    The relationship between property management and the resident is a business relationship. A courteous and business like attitude is required from both parties. We reserve the right to refuse rental to anyone who is verbally abusive, swears, is disrespectful, makes threats, has been drinking or appears under the influence, is argumentative, or in general displays an attitude at the time of the unit showing and application process that causes management to believe we would not have a positive business relationship.

Lease Signings: All leaseholders must be physically present for lease signing.
Lease signing appointments are scheduled between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM.
No personal belongings will be permitted in an apartment prior to move in.

Great Lakes Management Co., as managing agent, is fully committed to equal housing opportunity. Great Lakes Management Co. and Arbor Glen adheres to the Federal Fair Housing Act as amended and the Minnesota Human rights Act. We do not discriminate against any person in housing practices because of race, color, creed, religion, gender, national origin, disability, familial status, affectional preference, marital status, or receipt of public assistance.


I have read and understand the rental policies of this community. I understand that I am ‘Pre-Approved’ for an apartment at Arbor Glenn and that a negative criminal search, negative rental history, unsatisfied collections and/or judgments makes this ‘Pre-Approval’ null and void.

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